Where do you manufacture?

We manufacture in Istanbul. In the magic city where East and West, Orient and Okzident, Europe and Asia, Islam, Christianity and Jewishness; Rome, Byzance and Ottomans; Turks, Armenians, Greeks, Araps, Persians and thousand and one different nations meet…

What is your manufacturing time?

8-12 weeks usually, depending on the order amount and our manufacturing schedule. This duration does not include the crating, custom clearance, transport durations.

Can you customize your designs?

Yes, depending on approval of our designer, we can customize the size, colour, finish, material etc of our items. If you have any special wishes, please contact us.

Do you give interior design consultancy services?

Yes, we give interior design consultancy services for your home or business to propose which of our existing or new special for you made designs of us would match together with which colour, finish, or fabric combinations against a service fee.

Which countries can you ship to?

Worldwide we can ship to anywhere you wish. We inform you seperately about the crating and local custom clearance cost. For transport, we provide you all alternative costs for air, sea or land transport together wit their cost and duration. f you wish you can also organise the transport yourself. For this, we would inform you about the volumetric weight and any other info you may need.

Would your lightings work in different countries at different voltage and frequency levels?

We manufacture the cabling of our lightings to work at both 220-240 V and 110 V as well as 50 Hz and 60 Hz electrical conditions together with earthing.

Do you have a showroom or representative in different cities or countries?

Our showroom is located in Istanbul. Other than Istanbul, we are about to open a showroom in Riyadh. Other than these, we don’t have any exclusive representative or showroom. But we have non-exclusive Sellers, Showrooms or Decorators who have been working with us since long.

What are your payment conditions?

As payment we take half of the order amount as Order Confirmation and the remaining amount prior to hand over or dispatch. A payment method, we can only accept bank transfers. In case of bank transfer from abroad, we ask you to make sure that you pay the intermediary bank fees and that we receive the intended amount.

Do you have Technical Data Sheets about your designs?

Yes, we have them. You can have them from our web site. If you wish more info or drawings, you can contact us directly.

Do your lightings have the certifications which might be required for import to different countries?

No, since we have many different kind of lights and different countries request different certifications, we organize certifications only on request basis. Please contact us for any such requests.

How can I get your catalogue?

You can have access to all our actual designs through our web site, which we update every time we issue a new design. Separately you can download our brochure from our web site. Please note that the brochure show only some of our designs at the time of issue of this brochure.

How can I get price info of your designs?

By clicking on the Info Request button on our web site, you can ask for price info of our designs.

Do you make stock of your designs?

No, due to variety of our designs and different size, finish or colour requests of our clients, we cannot do stock. Each of our designs are manufactured on request.

How long is your warranty period?

For electrical parts 6 months and for all other parts and our designs we provide 2 years warranty period. Apart from this, independent of time period, if you have any issues with our designs, we would do everything in our power to satisfy your requirements with no or minimum cost.

How can register to your newsletter list?

By clicking to the related button in our web site or by directly emailing tı us, you can register to our e-newsletter.

Do you keep our personal info secret?

Yes, we guarantee to keep you personal info like your email address secret and not to give them to 3rd parties.

How is your manufacturing start procedure?

Once you place your order we will send you a Pro-forma invoice stating all the details regarding your order and how to proceed. Once you made the initial payment we will start the production.